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AIM Evaluation: Fraud and AML Machine Learning Platform Vendors, Aite Group Aite

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Award-winning Brighterion, powered by Smart Agents, is proud to sponsor research and produce materials to help you understand the true value of mission critical artificial intelligence for payments, compliance, financial markets, security and defense, healthcare, Internet of Things, marketing and more.


Most financial institutions use data mining (92.5%) or business rules management systems (65%) to detect and prevent fraud, but success rates are only 28 percent and 18 percent. We asked them, “Why?” The answers were surprising.

  • Learn the most common technologies used to predict and stop fraud, and their effectiveness ratings
  • Understand the various impacts and benefits of machine learning, AI and Smart Agents
  • Discover the positive impacts that FI executives believe would result from using Smart Agents to optimize their fraud programs
  • Determine the return on investment of implementing AI with Smart Agents to prevent, detect and stop fraud in your organization

The Aite Group, the leading analysts of financial services technologies, named Brighterion the most scalable AI platform used for anti-money laundering (AML). Aite found our platform enables 62,000 transactions per second, more than 2x that of our nearest competitor. Our customers also said we’re leaders in client service.

  • The case for ML in external and internal fraud detection, compliance and AML
  • Key trends within the ML platform and how technology is evolving to address your challenges
  • Key statistics and projected spending
  • Interview results from more than 40 fraud and AML executives on five continents

In our ongoing research series on AI for banking, our panel of more than 200 financial executives tell us their experiences with the advantages and limitations of AI, the benefits of adopting Smart Agents to overcome those limitations.

  • Learn the limitations and advantages of using AI and ML in financial institutions (FI), including staffing concerns
  • Understand the functionality of six of the most common AI and ML tools, including how satisfied FIs are with them
  • Discover the positive impacts that FI executives believe would result from using Smart Agents to optimize their AI program
  • See where your organization fits into the landscape of Smart Agent adoption—and where this technology is most beneficial

Technological innovation has produced a whole new type of function within financial institutions (FIs), one where staff are using algorithmic tools to help them function more efficiently, transparently and in compliance, while saving their organizations money. Right? Wrong.

  • Understand the learning systems used by most financial institutions
  • Learn what FIs really need to know to ensure they have the right technology
  • See how Brighterion’s Smart Agents leverages its technology to provide transparent, comprehensive AI
  • See the data about unsupervised learning and how it builds a more complete tool that reduces loss, increases revenue and transforms your customer service

Many banks have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) to help meet rigorous security demands but are caught in the misperception that machine learning is always AI. Get comprehensive insights from 200+ financial executives from commercial and community banks and credit unions across the US into how they leverage AI and ML.

  • Learn how banks optimize their operations with learning systems
  • Learn the benefits and limitations of learning solutions
  • Understand how Brighterion’s Smart Agents technology takes machine learning to true AI
  • Learn how unsupervised learning can drive revenue, decrease false positives, and substantially reduce manual labour