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With Amyn Dhala

Vice President, Global Product Management, AI Express, Mastercard

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From data to intelligence in 6-8 weeks with AI Express

AI Express is Brighterion’s proven methodology that builds your custom AI solution in just 6-8 weeks and prepares you for successful deployment.

Experience the benefits of Brighterion’s artificial intelligence technology in as little as 6-8 weeks with a fully functional model customized to your unique business situation. Where other implementations take years to launch or fail from the outset, Brighterion draws upon 20 years of deep experience to provide your organization with the quickest time to value, whether you are managing risk, monitoring for compliance or looking to increase profitability.

But first consider this: 90% of enterprises that will invest in products for deep-learning AI capabilities by 2022 will see little benefit without training (Gartner, 2018). At Brighterion, we believe that true AI does not require an entire team to pull and analyze the data for you.

You have an organization to run and our mission is to get you working better, faster, more efficiently. Your organization has seen and will continue to see exponentially growing digital datasets and Brighterion’s best performing AI and machine learning platform was built to help you get the most out of your data.

Quickly develop an AI model that solves your specific challenge

AI Express relies on Brighterion’s proven methodology to provide you with specific tools to solve your unique challenges. Our experts will work with you to develop a deep understanding of needs and give you hands-on experience with our AI tools. We will help you collect data, collaborate on outcomes and develop your AI model in less than two months, providing the quickest time to value in our industry.

Six phases of engagement from discovery to deployment

CRISP-DM methodology

See how AI Express can develop a custom AI model tuned to your needs in 6-8 weeks

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How do we do it so quickly?
We have a few secrets:

We accept any data in any format. You simply provide the data and Brighterion handles the rest.
We draw upon a full suite of AI tools, but use our patented technology to implement them to the benefit of your business goals.
We make sense of your data and how it will be used in your organization.
Smart technology, not a small army of data scientists, builds your model drawing on the best of AI and machine learning tools.

At the end of this time, you will be able to test drive the system, produce an AI business case for your company and choose if Brighterion is right for you. Yes, we are so convinced you’ll be happy, we build a production-ready model before you need to commit.

When your organization is ready to deploy the Brighterion platform, we’ll be there to coach you on how to use the new knowledge and how to bring it to all areas of your business.

Experience immediate value

Custom model

Custom model

  • A custom AI working model tuned to your business objectives.



  • Results to evaluate and compare to your existing AI solution.

Business case

Business case

  • An ROI based business case for proof of concept.

Deployment plan

Deployment plan

  • A future-proof deployment plan.

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