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An implementation-ready AI model in 6-8 weeks

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AI Express is Brighterion’s proven process that builds your custom AI solution in just 6-8 weeks and prepares you for successful deployment.

The world is experiencing exponential growth in digital data. Organizations are challenged to keep up with the volume presented, yet most can see the opportunities to gain useful insights.

At Brighterion, we believe your team has higher-value work to do than pull and analyze thousands of datasets. Our advanced AI will find your most meaningful intelligence, whether you are managing credit risk, preventing

payments and acquirer fraud, or monitoring for healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

Where other implementations take years to launch or fail from the outset, Brighterion draws upon more than 20 years of deep experience to provide your organization with the quickest time to value.

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AI Express: fast, efficient, proven AI model development – from AI model to scalable production in 6-8 weeks

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Quickly develop an AI model that solves your specific challenge

Implementing Brighterion AI begins with AI Express, our six-step process. Our experts will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business challenge, help you collect data, collaborate on outcomes and develop your custom AI model. Once the model is fine-tuned and tested, you will have a working model to compare against your current systems, an ROI-based business case and a plan to deploy at scale.

After successful deployment, we’ll be there to coach you on how to use your new knowledge and how to apply it to other areas of your business.

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Six phases of engagement from discovery to deployment


Based on CRISP-DM methodology

Benefits of an AI Express

Solve your unique business challenges

Solve your unique
business challenges

Evaluate your organization for AI optimization

Evaluate your organization
for AI optimization

Improve customer experience and profitability

Improve customer experience
and profitability

Gain insights on customers and build trust

Gain insights on customers
and build trust

Elevate your employees' knowledge and skills base

Elevate your employees’
knowledge and skills base

See how AI Express can develop a custom AI model tuned to your needs in 6-8 weeks

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How do we do it so quickly?
We have a few secrets:


We accept most data formats and sources. You simply provide your historic data and Brighterion handles the rest.


Our patented Smart Agent technology quickly enriches your data and identifies it for use in the AI model.


Smart Agents technology builds your model, drawing on the best of AI and machine learning tools.


Our subject matter experts and data scientists combine their expertise with our patented technology to quickly build, test and implement the AI model to provide the highest success in achieving your business goals.

Your AI proof of concept toolkit

Custom model

A custom AI working model tuned to your business objectives


Results to evaluate and compare to your existing AI solution

Business case

An ROI-based business case for proof of concept

Deployment plan

A future-proof deployment plan.

“Almost 50 percent of potential defaults were identified 70 days in advance in the pilot phase of the project”

“Citibank is assessing our AI platform to determine enhanced capabilities to mitigate credit losses”

“Banco de Bogotá is leveraging Mastercard’s AI capabilities through its AI Express product to improve the customer experience, increase our profitability and identify further opportunities for operational excellence”

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