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Optimize your AI tools to reduce fraud, money laundering and credit risk

Modern financial professionals share their office with more than just human coworkers. They also work alongside algorithms.

Technological innovation has produced a whole new type of function within financial institutions (FIs), one where human staff are using algorithmic tools to help them function more efficiently, transparently and in compliance, while saving their organizations money. Right? Wrong.

The AI Innovation Playbook: How FIs are Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conducted an extensive survey to investigate how FIs are using the four most common machine learning systems to filter out fraud, money laundering, debt defaults and more. We learned that most FIs aren’t using their tools to their highest capacity or know the meaning of true AI. We interviewed 200 senior executives at commercial banks, community banks and credit unions, whose assets were valued anywhere from $1 billion to more than $100 billion.

Technology is becoming more sophisticated and commercially viable by the day, evolving to be capable of far more than standard data mining. Institutions need access to a wide array of highly-advanced learning tools including not just deep learning, but also actual AI systems with unsupervised, real-time updates.

By downloading this white paper, you will:

  • Learn the learning systems used by most financial institutions.
  • Understand what FIs really need to know to ensure they have the right technology.
  • See how Brighterion’s Smart Agents leverages its technology to provide transparent, comprehensive AI.
  • See the data about unsupervised learning and how it builds a more complete tool that reduces loss, increases revenue and transforms your customer service.

It’s time to access the next-generation AI. Download the white paper by filling out the form.