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AI that prevents credit delinquency, fraud and money laundering

Banks and credit unions, issuers and other lenders rely on Brighterion AI like no other solution. In fact, 74 out of 100 top U.S. banks trust us with their security every day. Brighterion AI provides insight into financial transactions based on each customer’s financial history with your organization. Brighterion AI also gives insight into your customers’ lifecycles so your team can offer better customer service. Backed by Mastercard, Brighterion AI is stable, proven and experienced. That’s security you can bank on.

How Brighterion AI benefits issuers:

  • Increased efficiency: Augments employees’ efforts and efficiency via automation
  • Immediate ROI: Reduces back office costs and increases ROI
  • Gained autonomy: Customers dynamically incorporate changes and test each change
  • Know what’s happening in the moment: Real-time insights provide unprecedented, omnichannel visibility into the behavior of each entity
  • Never run out of space: Infinite scalability, more than 2x the rate of our nearest competitor (source: Aite Group analysts)
  • Be ready in 6–8 weeks with AI Express
  • Peace of mind: Backed by Mastercard experience and infrastructure

Success story
Worldpay’s customer journey

Ian Belsham, former Global Head of Transaction Monitoring for the world’s largest acquirer, knew that Worldpay’s next fraud and AML system had to be artificial intelligence led. What he didn’t expect was all the advantages and cost savings of self-learning, interactive AI. Listen to Ian Belsham explain:

  • What’s needed to build an accurate system
  • The advantages of AI over rules-based monitoring platforms
  • The depth of knowledge and insight available
  • The easily recognizable return on investment

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