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Improve customer experience, reduce omnichannel fraud and meet regulatory compliance

With exponential growth in e-commence sales and account-to-account payments, is your business prepared for financial fraud and risk across all channels?


Amount lost to payment and bank transfer fraud in US in 2022

– Statistica, 2023


Global consumers using digital wallets (estimated), equalling 52% of e-commerce payments

–, 2021


Fines for non-compliance with anti-money laundering regulation

– Fenegro, 2022

How can you benefit from decades of payments experience and proven AI technology used by top US banks?

Brighterion is uniquely positioned to solve the growing omnichannel fraud challenges faced by issuing banks. Our powerful AI platform uses Mastercard’s 50 years of experience extracting high-level intelligence from financial data. Our solutions perform with unmatched accuracy and scale.

Models are built using AI Express and are ready for deployment in as little as six to eight weeks.

Brighterion solutions

Two people performing a transaction: A2A transaction fraud monitoring
Account-to-Account Transaction Fraud Monitoring

A2A Transaction Fraud Monitoring provides protection for non-card transactions, starting at online account creation through to authorization and transaction completion. We focus on P2P and B2P to protect your bank’s customers.

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Shield Icon: AI For AML & Compliance
AML and Compliance

Brighterion’s custom AI model for anti-money laundering monitors for money laundering and compliance, using machine learning tools that continuously update to better reflect the evolving nature of techniques used by money launderers.

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AI Express Brain Icon: Custom AI Solutions
Custom AI

Address your specific use case purpose-built solution. Brighterion’s team will conduct an AI Express, our unique discovery and model-building process, to create a production-ready model in six to eight weeks.

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Dollar Signs Icon: Save Time & Money
Credit Risk

Take the risk out of underwriting new credit applications, manage each account in your portfolio, predict credit delinquencies and optimize collections before they become charge-offs or cause customer churn.

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