Market-ready models

Experience the power of Mastercard network intelligence with out-of-the-box AI

If you had the intelligence from one of the largest transactional data sources on your side, think how strong your fraud and risk detection would be. You could identify fraud that has previously slipped through defenses. You could reduce risk by accurately predicting problems, weeks or months before they happen. Profits would increase and customer engagement would grow.

Market-ready AI empowers financial service providers and merchants to increase fraud and risk detection above and beyond their existing solutions. Models deploy out of the box and customers see ROI from day one.

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Brighterion's Transaction Fraud Monitoring Image

Brighterion's Transaction Fraud Monitoring Image

A lighter lift and faster deployment


Three simple steps to fully integrate into the API


As few as 30 data elements needed for fully integrated models


From day one

AI models often take months or years to build. They require large transfers of data and extensive planning for implementation. Many projects fail to deliver the expected and needed results.

Trained on Mastercard network intelligence, market-ready models are poised for immediate global deployment. In a few simple steps and with minimal data requirements, you’re ready to launch your solution and begin seeing improved results right away.

Solutions are available for Transaction Fraud Monitoring and Merchant Risk, with more solutions being released.

If you’re looking to solve a unique business challenge, AI Express can be used to build a customized solution to meet your needs.

Integrate in three simple steps

Because our models are production-ready out of the box, you can deploy with minimal effort.


Computer Screen With Arrow For Integrate Data Flow Icon

Integrate data flow via API


Arrows For Send Data Icon

Send data to initialize model


Computer Screen With Data Points For Return Risk Scores Icon

Brighterion returns risk scores via API

Computer Screen Image: Configurable AI

Built into every market-ready model

  • Unrivaled deployment speed and scalability, allowing for easy implementation, lightning-fast response times (<10ms*) and resiliency
  • A modern and configurable interface with customizable rules, case management and insights modules
  • Proprietary Mastercard network intelligence to further enhance precision and detection above and beyond your data
  • Industry leading data responsibility practice, with embedded human-centered data innovation and product design principles

* 100-120 ms in the cloud or 10ms on premise

Customizable modules

Checklist Icon: Global Compliance Met
Rules management module

  • Create and edit rules
  • Profile transactions
  • Test effectiveness of rules on data

Briefcase For Case Management Module Icon
Case management module

  • Case management and administration
  • Manage users, groups and roles
  • Generate management reports
  • Audit and trace activities

Light Bulb For Insights Modules Icon
Insights module

  • Customize reports/KPIs with self-serve analytics
  • Leverage standardized reporting
  • Make improved decisions with actionable intelligence
  • Use aggregated metrics to further define and view data

How do we do it so quickly?

Clock And Lightbulb For Proven AI Technology Icon

Proven AI technology and experience

Our patented Al technology is built with decades of cumulative experience: 50 years in payments combined with more than 20 years of innovative technology development.

Toolbox And Tools For State-Of-The-Art ML Toolkit Icon

Full stack, state-of-the-art ML toolkit

We use a full stack, state-of-the-art machine learning toolkit that allows for exploration, feature engineering and exceptionally fast deployment.

Cloud With Gears Above People For Cloud-Based AI Icon

Responsive cloud-based AI platform

Brighterion AI’s unique cloud-based, API-enabled, multi-tenant and PCI-certified Mastercard Connect Integrated modules enable rapid deployment.

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