Today’s insights into artificial intelligence

409, 2020

Top 5 ways AI supercharges financial investigations: secrets from a special investigator

AI is becoming the standard for financial investigations, but uptake varies amongst other industries. We interviewed accredited fraud investigator Tim McBride of Mastercard and asked him to explain how AI supercharges financial investigations. Financial investigators [...]

309, 2020

Could adaptive AI have curtailed $6B in merchant and transaction-level fraud?

Acquirers lost $6 billion to merchant and transaction-level fraud in the U.S. in 2019, with an additional $443 million lost to false declines. Amidst a challenging year for business, fraud prevention is more pressing [...]

109, 2020

Brighterion and Aite Group to discuss credit risk and delinquency at the first virtual LendIt Fintech USA conference

With rising delinquencies and increased financial fraud resulting from the pandemic, LendIt Fintech USA 2020 will be rich with content. Noted conference speakers, such as Mastercard’s Amyn Dhala, will highlight technology innovations for our [...]

608, 2020

Healthcare FWA during COVID-19: how to protect your organization with AI

Things are moving quickly during the pandemic, and healthcare plans are pressured to expedite payments while identifying fraud. Healthcare FWA during COVID-19 increases the need to verify claims while preparing for the challenges ahead. [...]