Custom solutions

Custom AI that’s production-ready in 6-8 weeks

AI Express is Brighterion’s proven process that quickly builds and deploys tailored AI solutions for your business.

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From data to intelligence

Imagine if you could develop a powerful working model with proof of value in just a few weeks and a comprehensive blueprint for deployment. You would have the understanding to move forward smoothly and the tools to decrease losses, increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies.

Some of our customers use AI Express to test against existing benchmarks, while for others it’s the beginning of their AI journey. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing technology or build a future-proof foundation – with AI Express, the possibilities are endless.

Brighterion also offers a collection of market-ready models for customers looking for off-the-shelf solutions.


Six to eight weeks to a custom production-ready model


Six easy steps from discovery to deployment


Years of experience revolutionizing AI development

Six phases of engagement from discovery to deployment



Determine business objectives and success criteria



Collect, describe, explore and validate data (provided by customer)



Select, clean, construct and integrate data



Select modeling techniques and determine model building iterations



Evaluate results and review processes to determine next steps



Review deployment options and create a high-level deployment plan

blankBrighterionblankBrighterion & customer

Based on CRISP-DM methodology

Your deployment toolkit

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A custom AI working model with unrivaled deployment and scalability

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Results to evaluate and compare to your existing solution


An ROI-based business case for proof of value


A future-proof deployment plan

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Built into every custom model

  • Unrivaled deployment speed and scalability, allowing for easy implementation, lightning-fast response times (<10ms*) and resiliency
  • A modern and configurable interface with customizable rules, case management and insights modules
  • Proprietary Mastercard network intelligence to further enhance precision and detection above and beyond your data
  • Industry leading data responsibility practice, with embedded human-centered data innovation and product design principles

* 100-120 ms in the cloud or 10ms on premise

How do we do it so quickly?

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Data flexibility

We accept most data formats and sources. You simply provide your historical data and Brighterion handles the rest.

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Proven AI technology
and experience

Our patented Al technology is built with decades of cumulative experience: 50 years extracting intelligence from payments data combined with more than 20 years of innovative AI development.

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Full stack, state-of-the-art
ML toolkit

We use a full stack, state-of-the-art machine learning toolkit that allows for exploration and feature engineering.

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Cloud-based AI platform

Brighterion AI’s unique cloud-based, API-enabled, multi-tenant and PCI-certified Mastercard Connect Integrated modules enable rapid deployment.

“Almost 50 percent of potential defaults were identified 70 days in advance in the pilot phase of the project”

“Citibank is assessing our AI platform to determine enhanced capabilities to mitigate credit losses”

“Banco de Bogotá is leveraging Mastercard’s AI capabilities through its AI Express product to improve the customer experience, increase our profitability and identify further opportunities for operational excellence”

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