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Category: Acquirer & PSP fraud

2402, 2023

2023 financial fraud outlook: How AI can combat new and upcoming schemes

Major industry players like Google and Amazon, as well as upstarts like OpenAI, released cutting-edge innovations that capitalized on AI’s revolutionary potential in 2022. But AI-powered security applications — which can detect transaction fraud, develop [...]

1711, 2022

Transaction fraud: ghosts of winter holidays past, present and future

Black Friday and early holiday shopping are known for good deals, a kick-start to the holiday season – and often transaction fraud. E-Commerce is at particular risk, as the busy holiday season offers increased opportunities [...]

1205, 2022

Seven card-not-present fraud trends and ways to manage risk

E-commerce continues to thrive, even as COVID-19 restrictions lift on traditional brick and mortar businesses. However, as e-commerce grows, so do opportunities for cybercriminals to perpetrate new and increasingly complex CNP fraud schemes. Payments fraud [...]

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