Detect FWA faster, enhance efficiency and support your team

Learn from leading FWA analysts how payers and payment integrity providers can empower their SIUs with breakthrough, responsible AI.

Mastercard’s AI enables your team to work more efficiently and prevent the pay-and-chase cycle by detecting FWA before claims are paid. By identifying the most suspicious claims, the solution helps investigators apply their expertise where it’s most valuable: on high-risk fraud.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • AI and the fraud analyst support each other to detect and prevent more FWA while reducing false positives
  • AI models can be tailored to identify healthcare claims fraud, prescription abuse, upcharges, phantom billings and many other FWA challenges
  • AI governance is key to the responsible use of AI
  • AI helps team members work more efficiently


Tim McBride Guests In Brighterion On-Demand Webinar

Tim McBride

Director, Healthcare Vertical, Product Development and Innovation, AHFI


Jessica Gay

Vice President and Co-Founder,
Integrity Advantage

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