Next Generation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will soon be at the heart of every major technological system in the world including: cyber and homeland security, payments, financial markets, biotech, healthcare, marketing, natural [...]

Mission Critical Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Fraud Prevention

The economy relies on secure and safe transactions. Maintaining a stable and efficient business depends on effective security. In particular, eliminating fraud is fundamental to the ongoing viability of [...]

Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance Requires Unsupervised A.I. & Machine Learning

Firms, large and small, need to navigate a set of increasingly complex compliance rules and regulations as regulatory bodies clampdown on loopholes in the financial regulatory framework. With tighter [...]

Same-Day ACH Fraud Prevention with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Three Phased Approach to Same-Day ACH Starting September 2016, the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) will begin implementing their vision of faster ACH payments by starting Phase I [...]

AI, Machine Learning, & The Future of Personalization

Personalization will revolutionize our lives: from medical treatments and medicines tailored to our unique physiology and psychology, to marketing and advertising that provides actual value by understanding our unique [...]

Deep Learning/ Neural Networks

Neural Networks A neural network (NN) is a computer program inspired by the structure of the brain. A neural network consists of many simple elements called artificial neurons, each [...]

AI, Machine Learning, & The Future of Smart Assistants

The future of computing is giving users what they want when they want it. However, individual behavior, needs, wants and desires are constantly changing, as are user devices and [...]

Mission Critical Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Essential Features

Mission critical is defined as “vital to the functioning of an organization.” Mission critical software is at the heart of every major technological system in the world: from electrical [...]

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