In an article for, our founder Dr. Akli Adjaoute, looks at the future of mission critical AI and the importance of getting it right.

With this decade almost done and dusted, our colleagues at have created a crystal ball of sorts to look at the future of the payments industry. When you stop to think, a lot has happened in the last ten years, from chip cards and tapping to AI solutions used for fraud prevention and global anti-money laundering regulation. invited 29 C-level executives to comment on the future of the payments industry. In his article, “The age of mission-critical AI deployment,” our founder Dr. Akli Adjaoute, President and CEO of Brighterion, puts his finger on the pulse of AI innovation.

“The next generation of mission-critical artificial intelligence (AI) systems will increasingly impact our lives by making personalized decisions on our behalf. AI has moved from research labs to real-world applications, thanks to the unprecedented levels of data availability combined with advances in computational power and the new ‘factory type’ AI platform, allowing broad accessibility of these technologies to non-AI experts.

“From cyber defense to banking, IoT, autonomous driving, biotech and robot-assisted surgery, AI will be at the center of these mission-critical applications that are essential to our well-being.”

While this may sound scary, it all comes down to the correct technology configured to match the mission. Akli describes the basic tools, then shows how they can be customized with Smart Agents, tools that create profiles specific to each entity and behave according to their goals, observations and the knowledge they continuously acquire through their interactions with other Smart Agents.

Each Smart Agent pulls all relevant data across multiple channels, irrespective of the type or format and source of the data, to produce robust virtual profiles. The Smart Agents will then extract the necessary knowledge and information from the data in order to automatically update, in real-time, and the resulting intelligence is shared across the other Smart Agents. This one-to-one behavioral profiling provides unprecedented, omnichannel visibility into the behavior of an entity. They also only retain the necessary data, reducing data compression and creating no single point of failure.

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