AI for Credit Risk and Payments Playbook2020-05-03T18:20:48-07:00


The unlocking AI playbook:
credit risk and payments edition

Top U.S. banking executives weigh in on using AI to underwrite credit risk and prevent fraud

U.S. consumer debt reached $14 trillion in 2019, with 8% of U.S. credit cardholders alone in serious delinquency. In addition to credit delinquency, financial institutions are grappling with $2 trillion annually for money laundering.

PYMNTS talked to 150 U.S. bank and credit union executives to discuss the areas where they will potentially use (or are currently using) artificial intelligence. The unlocking AI playbook: credit risk and payments edition gives a clear picture of how FIs are using technology in their current operations and future plans.

Download the report to:

  • Learn how FIs are using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage payment services and underwrite credit risk
  • Understand the various trends and impacts on payments, credit risk and customer lifecycle management
  • Discover how financial institutions are using AI to enhance current functions and bring new capabilities
  • Learn the adoption rates of various FIs, including where they are deriving the greatest value