Merchant Monitoring

Balance revenue growth against fraud and risk with advanced merchant risk management

If your fraud analysts knew tomorrow who your high-risk merchants were, how much more profitable would you be? If they could spend their time reviewing actual fraud and predicting which merchants would become liabilities, what would that mean to your business?

Brighterion’s Merchant Monitoring solution puts acquirers, PSPs and payment facilitators ahead of risk. Trained on the intelligence from 150B transactions* per year, the solution identifies anomalous behaviors from around the globe. Risk scores will be more accurate and your team will be more efficient. Brighterion Merchant Monitoring is uniquely positioned to solve your pressing challenges.

*All Mastercard transaction data has been aggregated and anonymized when used to build Brighterion’s AI and ML models.


Average new merchants onboarded monthly by acquirers with annual revenue over $500 million.



Newly onboarded merchants who are profitable.



Merchants that lead to financial losses due to fraudulent activity.


See ROI from day one with production-ready Merchant Monitoring

Getting started is fast and easy. Models are pre-trained on Mastercard network intelligence offering a unique holistic perspective that goes beyond individual transactions. You’ll see increased detection and fewer false positives from the very first day.

While historical data is not required, some datasets may be added for further optimization.

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Choose Merchant Monitoring-as-a-Service or full integration

AI Zero Integration Icon


Supply us with a list of your merchant accounts and receive risk scores via Tableau. There’s no need to build a payments flow with this zero integration option.

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Full integration in three easy steps

Integrate via the cloud-based API and be ready to deploy in just a few weeks. With the power of Merchant Monitoring in your hands, you control the workflow and thresholds in-house.

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Powered by Brighterion AI

What makes us different?

  • Full stack, state-of-the-art machine learning toolkit allowing for production-ready models out of the box
  • Industry leading data responsibility practice, with embedded human-centered data innovation and product design principle

For full integration:

  • Rapid deployment is enabled using cloud-based API, multi-tenant, PCI-certified MC Connect integrated modules
  • A modern and configurable interface with customizable rules, case management and insights modules
  • Unrivaled deployment speed and scalability, allows for easy implementation, lightning-fast response times (<10ms*) and resiliency

* Average 100-120 ms in the cloud or 10 ms on-premise

Assess merchant risk in any market worldwide and with immediate results

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Achieve ROI from day one

Arrow With Dotted Line Icon: Light Lift AI
Experience a light lift with minimal effort and data requirements needed

Bullseye Icon: Accurate Risk Scores
Empower your fraud analysts with accurate risk scores

Transparent Cube Icon: Innovative Explainable Models
Be transparent with innovative explainable models

Clear Store Front Icon: Out-Of-The-Box AI Solutions Merchant Risk
See improved results with a solution optimized specifically for merchant risk management

Case study: One global acquirer


In savings year over year in the U.S.


Reduction in cases generated YoY, improving operational efficiency


Adverse Action Rate (AAR) leading to more efficient case investigation

Additional acquirer & PSP solutions

Dark Store Front Icon: Out-Of-The-Box AI Solutions Merchant Risk
Transaction Fraud Monitoring

Market-ready Transaction Fraud Monitoring increases approvals and fraud detection and is ready to deploy globally. This turnkey solution is production-ready and requires as few as 30 data elements to integrate.

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Shield Icon: Custom AI For AML & Compliance
AML & compliance

Brighterion’s custom AI model for anti-money laundering monitors for money laundering and compliance, using machine learning tools that continuously update to better reflect the evolving nature of techniques used by money launderers.

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Dark AI Express Icon: Custom AI For Acquirer Challenges
Custom AI solutions

To address specific business challenges, Brighterion’s team conducts an AI Express, our unique discovery and model-building process, and creates a purpose-built solution ready for proof of concept.

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