Last month, we had the honor of being named “Most Scalable Platform” by Aite Group in its latest report, “AIM Evaluation: Fraud and AML Machine Learning Platform Vendors” on the overall competitive position of fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) machine learning platform technology vendors. We were also named a Leader of the Contenders.

Unprecedented Scalability Sets Brighterion Apart

According to Aite Group, our strong showing was in part due to the Brighterion platform’s unprecedented scalability, which is more than twice that of our closest competitor with 62,000 transactions per second (TPS) in production. This is a key differentiator in a vital industry that we are extremely proud of achieving, as it demonstrates how effectively and seamlessly we’re able to provide streaming infrastructure with no underlying databases to a variety of customers across the globe.

As a pioneering leader in providing intelligent decisioning around AI and AML, we’ve watched other industry players jockey for a foothold in this highly competitive and rapidly emerging space. Aite Group recognizing Brighterion’s early leadership efforts, customer resonance and our platform’s ability to bring true AI innovation to combat fraud and money laundering, is testament to our commitment and demonstrable successes to date.

Brighterion Also Recognized for Seamless Customization and Fast time to Value

According to Julie Conroy, Research Director of Aite Group, “We were impressed by Brighterion’s patented modeling approach which applies a combination of 10 machine learning techniques to understand behavior and flag anomalies. Brighterion stands out in terms of strong customer feedback, its platform’s fast response time and its production-ready models that can continue to iteratively learn.”

Building on our industry momentum, we’re excited to continue helping our customers customize Brighterion technology to fit their unique needs and ensure seamless execution via our Smart Agents and AI Express products. By working with customer organizations directly to collect the most relevant data, collaborate on specific outcomes and develop AI models in less than two months, we’re providing the fastest time to value in our industry, not to mention optimal ROI.

To access Aite Group’s proprietary report on fraud and AML machine learning platform vendors, please visit: All rankings are based on detailed requests for information, product demos and interviews with client references.