Brighterion received a fintech award this month for its unique ability to secure billions of transactions. As Best Financial Transaction Security Company, our solution was cited for its personalization, adaptability and self-learning capabilities.

The FinTech Breakthrough Awards named Brighterion the Best Financial Transaction Security Company this month. The award recognizes Brighterion’s ability to manage anti-money laundering, acquiring fraud, credit risk management, and healthcare fraud, waste and abuse. Personalization, adaptability and self-learning distinguish Brighterion from our competitors.

The award also recognized Brighterion AI’s ability to eliminate the need for expensive data scientists and complex databases or data warehouses. While other AI implementations take years to launch or fail from the outset, Brighterion technology can be deployment ready in as little as 6-8 weeks. As a result, this provides organizations with the quickest time to value, whether the objective is managing risk, monitoring for compliance or increasing profitability.

The annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards honor creativity and excellence in fintech companies, technologies and products. The award program spans the payments, personal finance, digital currency, wealth management, fraud protection, banking and lending verticals.

A timely opportunity for proactively identifying credit risk

Household and credit card debt are consistently rising at rapid rates and a turbulent economy is poised to make credit delinquency an even bigger problem. It’s increasingly important for financial service organizations to protect their portfolios and shareholder value by predicting and preventing delinquency before it happens. In addition to our payments security capabilities, we offer proactive solutions for credit risk management and are committed to helping lenders identify potential problems before default occurs.

Learn more about how Brighterion technology leverages advanced AI tools to determine which accounts are at risk of becoming seriously delinquent. Check out our recently released Ebook Assess today’s credit risk to prevent tomorrow’s delinquency and our related AI Innovators discussion with Amyn Dhala. Amyn discusses credit delinquency and how to use AI Express to be AI ready in 6-8 weeks.