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2505, 2021

Mastercard’s AI helps Milliman detect significant healthcare provider fraud

When payment integrity provider Milliman wanted to improve how it detects fraud for its healthcare payer customers, they collaborated with Mastercard® Healthcare Solutions to conduct a pilot using Mastercard’s proven AI solutions. They had no [...]

2910, 2020

NHCAA 2020 Annual Training Conference presents “Top 5 ways AI can supercharge your SIU”

SIUs are faced with unprecedented challenges that require a unique skill set complemented by the most current and innovative technologies. In a fireside chat at the NHCAA 2020 ATC, Tim McBride, AHFI, and Jessica [...]

409, 2020

Top 5 ways AI supercharges financial investigations: secrets from a special investigator

AI is becoming the standard for financial investigations, but uptake varies amongst other industries. We interviewed accredited fraud investigator Tim McBride of Mastercard and asked him to explain how AI supercharges financial investigations. Financial [...]

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