Transaction Fraud Monitoring

Enhanced solution features to proactively manage transaction fraud

E-commerce is on the rise and so is fraud. Digital transactions have grown 6x as fast as physical transactions, shifting the cost of fraud from issuers to acquirers. Leveraging Mastercard global network intelligence, our solution uncovers more fraud earlier and with increased accuracy. Production-ready out of the box, our solution helps customers achieve higher approvals and fewer false positives right away.

Take a tour through our interactive demo to preview the powerful fraud detection capabilities and features of Brighterion AI.

Discover how you can:

  • Uncover transaction risk earlier and with greater accuracy
  • Assess transaction risk in real time
  • Optimize fraud detection and improve the customer experience
  • Transform data to actionable insights
  • Simplify the investigation of flagged transactions with an intuitive UI and case management module


Of acquirers surveyed saw more fraud in 2021 than in 2020


Of acquirers surveyed need to further reduce fraud in order to stay profitable


One global acquirer increased fraud detection 2-3x and approvals by 7.4%

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