Launching new software can be worrisome but deploying security solutions organization-wide is stressful for leaders and IT professionals alike. What if we told you that Brighterion’s AI Express takes the pressure away, giving value instead of headaches?

We’ve all heard stories of security software deployments taking months – or years – and by the time it’s launched, the solution is two versions behind. At Brighterion, it’s not in our DNA to build software that way. Our AI Express methodology is a new way to build and launch personalized AI solutions for our customers.

You may have read about our Smart Agent technology. Put simply, Smart Agents access various artificial intelligence tools to create multidimensional profiles and identify anomalies that indicate security breaches.

Smart Agents enable our computer scientists to evaluate various artificial intelligence tools and to create a personalized solution for each customer’s challenges. The new model takes six to eight weeks to build and deploy, ready to identify risk from Day 1.

Our data experts will help you collect relevant historical data, establish your desired goals and outcomes, and get to work enriching the data on your behalf. Your team can get on with their jobs while we build the model based on your specific business needs. Once the recommended model is built, your staff can test drive it, ask for tweaks and ultimately be ready to go live in less than two months. We believe we offer the fastest time to value of any AI solution.

The advantage of AI Express is there’s no guesswork when your system goes live; it’s built using your actual data and continuously improves as new data inputs. Further, with only relevant data being retained by the system, there is no need to invest in new servers, data warehouses or other costly facilities: Smart Agents retain and use relevant data, ignoring the rest.

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