2017 has been quite a year! We are proud to be the inaugural Morgan Stanley Fintech Company of the Year, and to be named a 2017 Cool Vendor by leading analyst firm Gartner, Inc.,

Morgan Stanley Fintech Company of the Year

The Fintech Company of the Year award recognizes companies that make the most significant impacts on Morgan Stanley’s mission to continuously innovate for their customers.

“Brighterion adds a new layer of protection to help keep our clients’ assets safe,” said Jason Dandridge, Managing Director and Global Head of Fraud at Morgan Stanley, and credited the open architecture that gives his teams a “faster and easier way to build, enhance and adapt models.”

Akli Adjaoute, founder, president and CEO, highlights how Brighterion’s artificial intelligence and real-time transaction analysis prevents fraud and money laundering.

Read Morgan Stanley’s news release.

2017 Cool Vendor, Gartner

When Gartner creates its annual list of Cool Vendors, its analysts are looking for small companies offering technology that is:

  • Innovative — allows users to do things previously not possible
  • Impactful — has or will have a direct impact on business, not just technology for its own sake
  • Intriguing — has attracted Gartner’s curiosity or interest during the previous year

“Gartner’s 2017 Cool Vendors reflect the need to stand out from the crowd, the ability to keep pace in fast-changing digital scenarios and the aptitude to solve problems that have persisted over many years,” said Daryl Plummer, vice president and Gartner Fellow. “Being a Cool Vendor in 2017 is all about both standing out and fitting in. In many cases, the Cool Vendors that stand out do so because they offer a major disruptive capability or opportunity.”

Gartner states CIOs and IT leaders should partner with digital disruptors if they want to maintain a pace of high, sustainable innovation.

Read Gartner’s news release.