Revolutionary Technology

Rather than being pre-programmed to try and anticipate every possible scenario or relying on pre-trained models, Brighterion’s unique Smart Agent technology tracks and adaptively learns the specific behavior of every entity of interest over time. This continuous, 1-to-1 behavioral analysis provides real-time, actionable insights by adaptively learning the individual behavior of every entity of interest.

  • 1-to-1 behavioral analysis using unique Smart Agents
  • Segments of one behavioral analysis of every entity of interest
  • Combines 10 cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies
  • Any data, in any format from any source at any volume
  • Adaptive learning continuously updates models to provide new intelligence

Unrivaled Performance


Brighterion’s solution leverages a unique, proprietary file and memory management infrastructure that provides best-in-class performance with minimal operational and capital resource requirements. Brighterion’s solution currently analyzes billions of transactions and events per month in real-time for some of the largest companies in the world.

  • No database/data-warehouse required
  • 2ms response time on entry-level servers
  • 99.9999% uptime guaranteed by contract
  • Billions of events processed per month on a single server

Unmatched Efficiency

Brighterion’s solution was engineered from the ground up to be to the most cost-effective platform on the market, enabling quick, seamless integration and significantly reduced capital and operational costs. The result is a complete technology platform enabling your enterprise to minimize risk while maximizing profitability.

  • Seamless, rapid integration with any existing infrastructure
  • Go-live in 5-6 weeks
  • Runs on off-the-shelf, entry-level servers
  • Fewer false positives reduce operational costs

Universal Insights


Brighterion’s Artificial Intelligence as a service provides “data science in a box,” providing unparalleled insights from any data. Our automated modeling process enables anyone, anywhere to easily turn data into actionable decisions.

  • Automatically identifies important data features and characteristics
  • Continuous adaptive learning identifies changing/evolving behavior
  • Seamlessly handles data from any industry
  • Automated model generation eliminates the need for teams of expensive data scientists
  • Accessible in the cloud or onsite