Brighterion’s unique Smart Agents are the only artificial intelligence technology that adaptively learns the behavior of every entity of interest. This 1-to-1 analysis provides unprecedented behavioral insights, from the spending behavior of customers to the constantly evolving techniques of fraudsters.
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Business cases include:

  • Real-time, omni-channel fraud prevention stops previously unknown schemes
  • Identity theft detection and prevention
  • Real-time data breach detection
  • Identifying opportunities for increased profitability



Brighterion’s state-of-the-art compliance solutions combines a powerful combination of unsupervised learning, phonetic algorithms, string matching, and fuzzy logic continuously updated, meticulously curated lists of relevant individuals and businesses. The result is the best detection and lowest false positive rates available on the market today.   [ Learn More ]

Business cases include:

  • Global, real-time sanctions screening
  • Global anti-money laundering compliance

Financial Markets

Brighterion’s unique 1-to-1 behavioral analysis identifies and predicts behavioral patterns over time at both the individual and market levels. The result is a technology platform providing unique insights into the behavior of markets, traders and algorithms.

Business cases include:

  • Insider trading detection and prediction
  • Trading algorithm manipulation / gaming
  • Algorithmic trading performance enhancements

Security & Defense


Brighterion’s comprehensive approach to cyber and homeland security synthesizes data from any source, in any format and at any volume. The result is real-time, actionable intelligence.

Business cases include:

  • Insider data breach detection and prevention
  • External data breach detection and prevention
  • Border control / monitoring
  • Intelligence and hidden network discovery


Brighterion’s Artificial Intelligence as a service helps fulfill the promise of longer, healthier lives, enabling health care professionals to provide personalized treatments and pharmaceutical companies to discover and develop pioneering, lifesaving medicine and drugs.

Business cases include:

  • Personalized treatments and medicines
  • Automated, intelligent drug discovery
  • Minimizing fraud, waste and abuse
  • Patient data breach detection & prevention

Internet of Things


From the critical infrastructure vital to our everyday lives to the devices connecting our homes and tracking our daily activites, Brighterion secures and connects today and tomorrow’s industrial “Internet of things.” Brighterion’s technologies are data agnostic, process billions of events in real-time and are based on a distributed architecture. The result is shared, decentralized intelligence that integrates disparate devices and machines.

Business cases include:

  • Intelligent, real-time resource routing
  • Intelligent, adaptive environments
  • Failure prevention & predictive maintenance

Marketing and Social Media

Brighterion’s unique 1-to-1 behavioral analysis provides enterprises with unrivaled insights into their customer base, enabling precise market segmentation. The result is dramatically increased engagement and response rates.

Business cases include:

  • Intelligent, relevant personalized marketing
  • Predictive marketing
  • Targeted loyalty program benefits